7 Things to do after work when you travel for work

You don’t have to be confined to your hotel when you’re travelling for work. Duh!

I’m watching Rambo with Swedish subtitles right now in Denmark. I just finished a book on the way back to the hotel and have had dinner in my room. But tonight is an exception. I’m not usually like this when I’m on a business trip. Toady I just felt like chilling like I would at home. Travelling as part of work is normal in my field and my coworkers and I often exchange war stories on what to do if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.

What I always think of when people tell me they’re sent to the middle of nowhere is this furniture ad that ran a few years ago across Germany. A man and a woman are driving and they’re in the middle of nowhere. The woman asks the man “What are we doing here at the ass of the world?”, and the man answers “Buying furniture”. This of course is a jab at IKEA, which often has its retail locations seemingly at the ass of the world.

However, as a consultant I know what I signed up for and I’m one of those people who doesn’t mind travelling at all. No matter where I go I try to build a habit that I keep to. And just because I’m not in my home city with Ave doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do. On the other hand, a city is a city and there’s always plethora of activities┬áthat one can pursue when abroad in a hotel. The following are just some examples of that.

1. Sightsee

If you’re in a city that you’ve never been to before, do not miss the opportunity to sightsee. No matter how big or small the city is, I will always take the time to explore the city a bit.

I also got quite lucky with my locations (a consultancy firm is not a travel agency, remember that before joining). I managed to travel to the States, India, and Denmark for work and combine that with some private travel.

2. Meet up with co-workers

After all, everyone is in the same boat. Most projects won’t just have one person travel to a certain location, they will most likely send several people to a project. Therefore, a lot of my coworkers and I will meet up for drinks after work and talk. During work all you’ll talk about is work, but after work most people would want to talk about other topics. This is probably the best time to actually understand your coworkers.

3. Think about joining something

Think about joining a club or a language class if you know you’re going to be at one location over a period of time. This is a great way to spend your time wisely and you also get to meet other people in the process. It doesn’t even have to be a club, but something like a yoga class is also good.

4. Write

I write a lot. Whether it’s on Tripadvisor┬áor in my journal or in this blog…I write a lot. Writing helps me wind down after a day of work and it’s a good way to document my day to day activities. I also decided to start this blog because I found that I have too much time and I might as well prepare blog entries to post.

5. Exercise

The most obvious answer is to go exercise. Most hotels have a complementary gym for hotel guests. Not all gyms are the same, but most of them at least have a treadmill and an elliptical. If you don’t want to go to the gym, running is also an exercise a lot of people do since it’s free and you get to see a lot of the city this way.

6. Brush up on your photography skills

And at the same time, you can practise your photography skills. Or, if you don’t want to go take pictures, you can also edit pictures that you’ve taken before.

7. Do something cultural

Go to a theatre, see a movie, visit a park! As I said before – a city is a city is a city.

There are so many options. Most important is that you need to find something that feels natural for you to do. If you don’t want company, do things by yourself. If you don’t want to go out, stay in. Basically it’s the same as staying home, but with more options in my opinion.

So, what do you do after work? I would be very curious to hear what you do after work if you’re away from home. Leave a comment below!

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