Spicy grilled fish at Xiaoshidai, Frankfurt

What better than hot pot on a rainy autumn day? Not much.

The weather was frightful today; it was drizzling the whole day and you could really feel the autumn creeping in. I was really glad that I made a reservation at Xiaoshidai for dinner tonight. I’ve been there earlier in the year when it first opened and have always wanted to come back here again with Ave since he wasn’t able to join the first time. What makes this restaurant special is their grilled fish hot pot, which is something quite popular in China, but there are no such restaurants so far in Germany.

After watching Thor: Ragnarok, Ave and I made our way to the restaurant and arrived around 17:30 instead of the 18:00 we reserved for. Since we were early, there weren’t that many people there yet. We ended up ordering Saliva Chicken(口水鸡)and the Spicy Grilled Fish(万州烤鱼)with some extras – glass noodle, tofu skin and enoki – to put into the hot pot. 

Saliva chicken (口水鸡)

The saliva chicken was huge for an appetizer. The flavours were good, but the chicken was colder than I expected. 

The highlight: grilled fish hot pot (万州烤鱼)

Then came the grilled fish hot pot. We ordered a small portion and it came in a tray full with vegetables and the extras. The fish was absolutely wonderful and the potatoes really absorbed the flavours of the hot pot. For Ave, he felt like it was a little bit too oily. For me though, I thought it was the perfect dish to eat once in a while especially when the weather is getting colder outside.

We stayed there for about an hour, stuffing our faces with the fish hot pot and washing it down with German beer. It was so much food. Too much food for two people. I took the chicken and the rice to go and will make an extra meal out of it tomorrow.

We paid 42 EUR for everything – 2×0,5L beers, chicken, fish hot pot, enoki, tofu skin, and glass noodles.

It’s definitely a good place to eat at. However, it’s a place that I would only come once or twice a year to.

Xiaoshidai / Schlossstr 52 / Frankfurt

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