Ramen Jun Red, Frankfurt

Why didn’t I try this place earlier?

After walking around Frankfurt and catching Murder on the Orient Express (THAT IS NOT HOW POIROT WOULD EVER BEHAVE), we passed by the second Ramen Jun location. We decided to give it a try since it was around dinner time and I’ve heard so much about the place. We just came from a huge lunch, but I was ready to eat again!

We showed up quite early before the dinner rush and managed to get a seat without a reservation. I was quite surprised at the extensive menu that they had. There were over 15 different types of ramen offered and you could also ask to customize your ramen. For example, you can ask for the soup to be thicker or thinner and the noodles to be cooked softer or harder.

The meal

As always we ordered karaage and two big Kirin Ichibans to wash it all down.

This is probably one of the best karaages that can be found in Frankfurt. The pieces of karaage was also very generous. The chicken was friend just right and all the juices were still contained within the morsels of chicken. Just look at that juicy squeeze.

Then came the two bowls of ramen. Man, I was excited to dig into the bowl of miso ramen. I was quite surprised by how strong the the miso tasted. The noodle consistency was also good. Ave got the Miso DX (deluxe), which had some extra meat, butter, and an egg. I think I picked the better option 😉

Final Thoughts

For all of that food plus two large Kirin Ichibans we paid 42 EUR.

I think I’ll be coming back here more often since winter is coming around the corner. You just cannot beat a nice bowl of ramen on a cold winter night.

Ramen Jun Red / Fahrgasse 89, Frankfurt am Main

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