The people that travel the world?

It’s almost Christmas so I wanted to share one of my favourite articles from BBC recently. The article was published just around the time I was two weeks deep into this blog. Sometimes, things just really feel like it’s a sign from somewhere. The article was this about TCC – Travelers’ Century Club: Meeting the world’s most-travelled people. Before this article, I never even knew the existence of such a club.

The part of the article that resonated the most with me was the following

So does he keep travelling to see new places? Or to tick things off a list?

“It’s a little bit of both,” he admits.

The TCC says some people join the club for “bragging rights”, but its slogan is more noble: “World travel: the passport to peace through understanding.”

It made me question myself – do I travel because I enjoy it or is it because I just want to have bragging rights? It definitely is both. I love travelling. Nothing excites me more than to plan and book a trip and then see sights that I’ve seen on TV in person. That exciting moment when you get to enjoy the local food that you’ve heard so much about. To be able to go back home richer in experience rather than spending that money on material things.

On the other hand, I sometimes do feel like I have a checklist when I go to certain cities. That I simply HAVE to go see some monument or HAVE to experience something. I used to get very antsy when I go to a city and am not able to do the must-dos. Thankfully, I do believe I am mature enough to know what I am interested in and what I would like to avoid. I realize that I enjoy travel the most when I’m able to tick certain things off while getting lost the other half of the time. It’s such a nice feeling to travel without having any regrets when you’re done!

I can only hope that I am able to live a healthy life, which will enable me to travel as much as those people who are part of the TCC. The list is truly inspiring

Let me end this post with a Chinese proverb that captures travel beautifully.


Reading a million books will not be as beneficial as walking a million steps.

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