KISU, Frankfurt

Two consecutive meals at KISU.

Scrolling through the #frankfurteats instagram last weekend, I found out about KISU, a new Sushi/Viet restaurant here in Frankfurt. The food pictures just looked amazing and what especially attracted me to the restaurant was that it seemed like they put dry ice onto the dish! And man oh man it did not disappoint…twice!

Meal 1 – Dinner

I made a dinner date with my friend Schnucki and we decided to go check it out ourselves. Schnucki’s also heard about the place since her work friends went there a week ago and recommended it to her.

I made a reservation there for 18:30 and thankfully we got a table. When I first arrived there, the place was empty except for our table and another table. It was nice and quiet and we took our sweet time ordering what we wanted to eat. Both of us decided to go for sushi instead of the Viet fare they offered.

Schnucki’s order of Ebi Tempura sushi, Philadelphia roll, and cucumber maki. She also had a miso soup and was very pleased by that order.

I usually am not the biggest fan of nigiri sets, but I got it because of how it looked like in the pictures. Just look at that presentation! Absolutely stunning. The dry ice was a bit extra but the effects was so photo worthy.

The nigiris were quite good. Salmon will always be my favourite and KISU’s fish was not disappointing. Second best on the dish was the ika (squid) nigiri. What was also surprisingly good was the fruit compote they put between the pieces. I used that to dip some of the nigiris in and it was definitely a new experience. Something that I would definitely think about doing in the future again.

Since KISU just opened recently they had a special 20% off for food. We paid 38 EUR in the end for all the dishes plus a bottle of water. They have the special only until November 20th, so unfortunately that passed 🙁

Meal 2 – Lunch

Since dinner was so good, I ended up taking Ave to the restaurant for lunch the next day. His main reason for agreeing to lunch there was because of the discounts.

We ended up getting the Sashimi Moriawase platter. This too came with the dry ice. Most of the fish was amazing and I was once again in heaven. The salmon was so soft and so sweet. The scallop was also cooked just right and the little bit of sweet soy sauce they put onto it was perfect. In addition, the sweet shrimps was a delight! Absolutely love the sweetness of those fresh, raw shrimps. On the other hand the tako (octopus) was chewy and rubbery. I couldn’t bite through it and had to fit everything into my mouth and chew for a while.

We ended up ordering more food adding a sushi platter with California rolls, 3 nigiris, and some makis and some banh cuon. The sushi was good and well seasoned. I enjoyed the banh cuons but Ave found them bland.

Thanks to the 20% off, we paid 53 EUR for all the dishes plus a glass of wine and a Viet coffee.

Final thoughts

Very good place with good Japanese and Vietnamese food. Even without the 20% off the prices are reasonable. I think I’ll be visiting this place regularly in the future and am hoping they’ll keep the quality up!

KISU / Jahnstrasse 51, Frankfurt am Main


  1. 微波仙子
    November 19, 2017

    The food look amazing .

    1. shot
      November 19, 2017

      Thank you! It definitely was.


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