I am a Karl Pilkington traveller

“Selfie?” the little boy asked me, pointing at my camera.


“Hello lady! Hello hello!” shouts the local shopkeeper.


That’s the type of traveller I am. I am a person that usually keeps to myself when travelling. I love to travel, but over the past year I started questioning whether I was travelling wrong or not. Especially in today’s Instagram world, where you see all these travellers happily smiling with the locals. Skinny girls with their backs to the camera being photographed and the most stunning backgrounds. Men with perfect bodies and style standing in front of the most photogenic doors/walls/…

I know, that’s only one type of travellers in today’s world. Currently it seems like these type of travellers are the most popular travellers out there. What about the other travellers like me? The Karl Pilkington type traveller?

For those who are not familiar with Karl Pilkington you have to watch the gem of a show called An Idiot Abroad. The show follows Karl, who is this seemingly normal every-day man travel to the most sought after places in the world. What sets his travel show apart from the rest of the travel shows is that he does not enjoy travelling! Throughout his entire trips he is suffering (also thanks to Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant). He has this unimpressed look…and he’s just not that excited.

Karl Pilkington – the reluctant world traveller. [Original Source]
I call myself a Karl Pilkington type traveller not because I do not enjoy travel or get excited about travel. I call myself that because I travel with a face that alternates between looking droopy and “resting bitch face”. And if Ave and I travel together, we also tend to just keep to ourself. We don’t stay in the best hotels. I usually just a need a place to sleep because I know that the rest of the time we’ll be outside anyways. Usually, we stay in hotels instead of Airbnb or hostels. Furthermore, instead of mingling with fellow travellers if we do stay in hostels, we tend to go back to our room and drink store bought beers there. Hell, we often even self cater in our own hotel room instead of going out for food.

And the topper, Ave takes pictures, but they aren’t #instaworthy, if you know what I mean.

As I said earlier, Instagram and other forms of social media made me question if I was travelling wrong. However, as Instagram matures you start hearing stories about how many hours people spend to make their feeds perfect. You will hear stories about how the #followmeto shoots take a whole small production team etc. etc. etc.

So I started to finally accept the traveller that I am. That it’s ok to

… travel by yourself and keep to yourself.

… not want to interact with locals when you’re travelling.

… not network with fellow travellers.

You do you.

Everyone travels differently and everyone has a different comfort level with other people. You can still have a great time and learn about the culture and history yourself. There is no pressure to be like bloggers that you follow or to be #instaperfect. I truly believe that there is no one way of travelling right and that you have to keep in mind. Everyone enjoys travelling differently.

But remember – It’s ok to be a Karl Pilkington.

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