John’s Hotdog Deli, Copenhagen

The best hotdog in all of Copenhagen?

I’ve been wanting to take Ave to Gorilla for our trip to Copenhagen. Gorilla is one of the most established restaurants in the Meatpacking District offering Danish fare at fair prices. You can get a 10 course dinner for 375 DKK, which isn’t too bad for the food and experience. Each morsel of food is a different experience and everything flows very well together. Though the size of each dish is small, you will be stuffed by the time you leave.

We could have easily gone to Warpigs again…but not tonight!

I was set on taking Ave to Gorilla, but when we passed by John’s Hotdog I made the comment that it was supposed to be the best hotdog restaurant in Copenhagen. That definitely means something since it’s located in the country that loves it sausages as much as the Germans. I never tried it but someone from the client side recommended it. Ave was all for it as soon as I mentioned it. Immediately we changed our plans and headed to John’s instead (didn’t make a reservation at Gorilla anyways).

I knew I was going to enjoy this as soon as I stepped into this little store wedged in between Warpigs and Gorilla. They kept much of the original meat processing plant vibe with its industrial subway tiled walls.

On the right hand side of the restaurant there were two shelves filled with different local chili sauces. They even had Mikkeller chili sauces! Seriously, Mikkeller knows its market and knows what its customer base likes. It feels like it can read my mind. I also tried one of the bottles that was on our table and I did enjoy it quite a bit.

Not Mikkeller, but still good.

In the middle of the restaurant stood a whole selection of different toppings that you can help yourself to to customize your dog.

So many pickle choices!! I couldn’t make up my mind.

We decided to get a hot dog and a beef sandwich, with a side of fries, and two beers (love the names of the beers – Winter in Bangalore, the Bastard Princess). There were four different sausages to choose from – thyme & lemon, cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped, and jalapeno. We decided for the jalapeno because we never pass off an opportunity to have something spicy.

The beef sandwich that we got. Really a burger, but I’m not complaining. It was delicious and the beet relish gave it a nice sweetness.
The jalapeno dog without anything. So naked 😉
After I pimped it up with three different relishes, mustard seeds, and good old Heinz 57.

I really enjoyed that sausage. The jalapeno gave it a nice kick and it wasn’t too mild like what I’ve had at other places.

My “Winter in Bangalore” IPA. Not as good as the “the Bastard Princess” IPA that Ave got.

I didn’t take pictures of the fries that we got with the Chipotle mayo dip. Ave and I devoured that way too fast. It was so crispy, fresh and delicious!

The store did look quite empty but we weren’t the only ones. It was understandable since it was Monday! On top of that, Copenhagen had super shitty weather all day long. It was raining and it was super windy. Absolutely dreadful. Really wished that the hotel had a nice tub that I could’ve soaked in as soon as I got back.

One last look into the restaurant.

We paid 235 DKK (32 EUR) in total for the hotdog and sandwich, the two beers, fries and dip. You could choose a hotdog or Frikadelle with fries and a beer for 110 DKK. I didn’t realize this until we left that the beef sandwich, fries and beer set was 125 DKK as well. Instead I paid for the beer and sandwich separately since I didn’t want the fries. Oh well, not a big loss – I was full by the end anyways.

Best hotdog in Copenhagen? Not sure. But it definitely was a good, casual meal 🙂

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