Hanoi night life in 9 pictures

[Edit 9-JAN-2018: oops, I forgot to post this on 16-DEC-2017. But here you go – the first post from our Winter Trip]

We’ve made it to Hanoi! The trip from Frankfurt seems so long ago, but the trip itself felt quite short. Emirates really knows how to keep their passengers entertained!

After traveling for 16 / 17 hours, we arrived at the hotel we’re staying at in Hanoi around noon. After we settled in, it was already late afternoon. Therefore, we weren’t able to enjoy much of the day life Hanoi has to offer.

The fact that sunset happens really early was quite a surprise for Ave. He’s from Finland so he’s used to not having much light during the winter. However, he thought it only applied to countries that located very north. But he wasn’t aware that it would be the same for countries near the equator.

Nonetheless, Hanoi’s night life is bustling. There were so many people around enjoying life like it’s meant to be enjoyed. People were in the parks kicking feathered beanies around, parents paid for battery operated car rides for their kids, and friends were gathering to have hot pot on the sidewalks.

I managed to go out and take some pictures

want to share 9 of my favorite pictures from the first evening of our trip.

Battery operated cars to be rented out for toddlers. Not the best idea, since everyone knows that toddlers are like little drunk adults.
One little kid almost ran me over while I was enjoying a nice coconut milk ice pop.
Streets were filled with low plastic tables and chairs for diners to enjoy their open air dinners on.
Guests enjoying hot pot in the open. Looking forward to trying that!
And all Chefs were cooking their meals outside right beside their guests.


Not just Chefs were open with their trade, but haircutters too had their businesses set up right beside the streets to serve their customers better.
Some Santas coasting around scooters to attract attention to a special sale.
A sidestreet near our hotel.
Businesses seem to remain open until 9 pm at least.

So that was the first evening in Hanoi. For my second evening, we of course want to find good food. And if I can, I will try to get a massage! So looking forward to it.

What would you recommend doing in Hanoi in the evenings? And please don’t say Karaoke!

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