Autumn open house at Venos, Frankfurt

Venos is my favourite Italian/Mediterranean grocery store in Frankfurt. To me it’s more than a grocery store – it’s more like a food experience. I always recommend it to people since it deserves way more attention.

Venos has an extensive selection of Italian and Mediterranean goodies. Alone their pasta aisle is 30m long. What sets Venos apart is also their specialization in fresh seafood. What I’ve heard of is that most of the Japanese restaurants in Frankfurt get their seafood from Venos as well and they all swear by the freshness. In addition, this is also one of the only places in Frankfurt that sells live lobsters and crabs. Over the past year, they have also added a Russian section where you can buy your Alënka chocolate and Baltika beers. Since Venos is mainly a wholesale grocery store, it caters to a very large range of clientele – from families to local restaurants all looking for the best Mediterranean ingredients. You can also see that it looks more like a warehouse inside than normal grocery stores.

Prices at Venos is slightly higher than normal grocery stores, but it’s lower than than other gourmet grocery stores. What is interesting is that Venos is the only store in Germany that I know that doesn’t include the VAT in the listed price, but will then add the VAT onto the final bill.

Examples of food prices:

  • Dungeness crab – 9.99 EUR / kg
  • Barilla pasta Spaghetti no5 – 1.34 EUR
  • Fresh salmon – 16.90 EUR/ kg
  • Frutti de Mare wine – 5 EUR for 1 L
  • Y wine (house wine) – 4.26 EUR for 750 ml
  • Wild boar truffle sausage – 14.30 EUR / kg

Twice a  year, Venos will have an open house where it allows its suppliers to come and exhibit their wares. So during this the open house days, there’s a plethora of things to sample from food to wine (go Europe). I’ve been to 3 open house events so far and have always enjoyed them and therefore the date November 4th was definitely noted in my calendar.

A vendor and his wares. The Napoli sausage from his manufacturer was the best sausage I’ve had!
Sampled some of that wine. But as soon as I found out it was retailing for 25EUR a bottle, I walked away.
Cheese, bread and sausage. Don’t forget the free wine sample. How European can you get?
Yes, me too I like to pretend I’m a Räucherlachs 🙂
They even had fresh tuna. It was so fresh that I couldn’t help but buy some.
Oysters at 1.50EUR a piece. So buttery and not too salty.
The guy getting my live crab for me. Thank you sir! You have made my Saturday.
Fresh mozzarella

Venos Lebensmittel / Rödelheimer Landstraße 75-85 / Frankfurt

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