S is for Shot

Hi! I am Shot, a Chinese-Canadian living in Germany and I'm a #selfien00b!

I kid. 

But not about my name though. Yes, my friends call me Shot (long story) and I love to travel and I love to eat. I find the combination of food and travel to be epic! I simply light up when I talk about the two topics and I can't wait to share my adventures with you.


I love everything about travelling - from planning to packing to finally reaching the destination and at the very end replaying the trip in my head when I come home. There's nothing out there that gives me more of a thrill to think of where to go next and start checking out what I can see and what I can eat (I once cried tears of happiness when I thought of all the seafood I would be able to eat in Greece). Luckily, I have a supportive husband, Ave, who comes along for the ride as well and a job that allows me to travel around the world by doing a long weekend here and there and by "working from home".


I am one of those people who "Live to eat". My husband says I get excitement thumbs when I see food that I want to eat…and there's a whole lot of food that whets my appetite. I'll try almost everything at least once (except for Balut, don't think I can stomach that). For my travel adventures, I have a very cooperative stomach. I often try to recreate foods that I've eaten while travelling, but of course, nothing beats eating delicious, authentic foods while travelling.

Ave and I also enjoy food shopping, whether it's at home or abroad. I believe food and groceries is the best Cultural 101 than many other activities. Therefore, I tend to start at markets, grocery stores, or streetfood stalls. I also take pictures, but I am still working on improving my photography and editing skills. 

Why I created this blog

I created this blog because I want to share my experience as an "average" traveller - someone who has limited time and resources, but wants to make the most of my time in different locations. I work as a consultant and get 27 days of vacation days per year (thank you Germany). I definitely use my time very wisely and am usually able to visit 10 countries per year. As an "average" traveller I don't stay at the best hotels (unless there's a good deal) and I don't eat at the fanciest establishments. I just let my feet carry me as far as I can go in the most efficient way. If you look at my itineraries, they're usually packed with different cities and countries within a short period of time.

Thank you for visiting my page and being interested in who I am. 

If you're still interested in my adventures? ...then start here or on my blog

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