6 random things I didn’t know before going to Thailand

(and that you probably don’t need to know either)

Sigh. A no-picture post. I wanted to avoid this but I also wanted to post something. Unfortunately our NAS is down while my husband is trying to fix it. Therefore, I don’t have access to my pictures that I’ve taken over the Christmas break. I’ll post this entry plus the one from Malaysia and then I’ll focus to my trip to Bangalore that I did last month for 3 weeks. It wasn’t a leisure trip, but I still have some things that I would like to share.

Until then, here are some things that fascinated me in Thailand 🙂

1. The most raved about Pad Thai place isn’t that great

We didn’t even know about Thip Samai until we passed by it by accident. We then saw the huge line and decided to google it. Once I found out that it’s supposed to be the restaurant for pad thai, we decided to go the next night. It was quite disappointing and I definitely would recommend simply finding your next street stall and getting a good portioned pad thai there.

2. There are about as many 7-Elevens as there are in Tokyo!

There are so many 7-Elevens that Ave and I said that in case we lost each other, we would simply continue walking forward and meeting at the next 7-Eleven. I really wish that other countries could get on Asia’s level when it comes to convenience stores.

3. Thailand has the highest number of Chinese immigrants in the world

More than Malaysia! However, you really don’t notice it since the Chinese immigrants are more integrated into the Thai society and they don’t speak Chinese to each other.

4. Thai people love their ice

…like really, really love ice in all their drinks. What they usually offer is a full cup of ice cubes to go with your drink. Funny thing is, Thais like crushed ice whereas Malaysians like ice cubes (at least what I’ve seen).

5. Patpong and the other red light districts in Bangkok aren’t that sleazy

I was hoping for Amsterdam but instead was treated to something more like Disneyland. It felt like Disneyland because the women looked like girls and they were in their costumes.

6. Prices are listed for everything!

This just made everything simpler. This also made sense why Thailand is more preferred to many of its neighbouring countries for expats since it doesn’t feel like the locals are trying to rip you off.


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