6 Day Northern France Tour

During Easter Break we have four days free. I managed to also add another extra day before and after the Easter days, which meant 6 free days! Since it was such a “short” break, we decided to rent a car and go see Saint-Mont-Michel, which we have talked about doing for a couple of years. So we rented a car and just started driving.

We ended up seeing:

  • Day 1: Aachen, Brugge
  • Day 2: Brugge, arrive at Mont-Saint-Michel in the evening
  • Day 3: Mont-Saint-Michel, Cancale, Point du Grouin, Saint-Malo, Caen
  • Day 4: Caen, Omaha Beach, Juno Beach, Honfleur, Rouen
  • Day 5: Rouen, Giverny, Versailles
  • Day 6: Versailles, Epernay

Yes, it seems like we’ve gone to a lot of places within a very short period of time. To us though, it felt relaxing. We rented a car and simply had one goal in mind – to see Mont-Saint-Michel. Everything else was a spur of the moment decision. My friend also recommended we go to Saint-Malo and her husband recommended Honfleur. Those were such great recommendations and I fell in love with both cities.

What would I do differently for this trip? I really can’t think of having done anything else differently. We really used our time wisely and did spent sufficient time in each city taking in most of the important city sights.

It was one of the first times that we finally went somewhere other than Paris and Strasbourg in France. It was like I was discovering France for the first time! Everywhere where we went to was so beautiful and so magical. I couldn’t believe it and felt like kicking myself for not have been to more French cities before. In addition, unlike Paris, there weren’t that many other foreign tourists. It was mainly French tourists on day trips enjoying the Easter break.

It was just such a relaxing trip in a beautiful country, with lots of delicious wine and amazing food. And since it was a roadtrip, we also brought back so much food! Can’t wait to show you guys that as well.

But first, we’re once again planning for another 2 week roadtrip! Hopefully we can confirm soon where we’re gonna go!

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