2017 Travels in Review

2017 was a great year for travel thanks to a mix of work and private travel.

Just wanted to do a quick travel recap before the year ends. I already went to a total of 10 countries so far and will have 13 by the end of the year. The busiest month seemed to have been September and I do remember my project manager not being too happy about that.

Entire year

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Thanks to my work, I’ve been flying to Copenhagen almost every week for 3 days since the January 2016. Though I’m there all the time, I don’t ever feel like I actually “live” there.  Thankfully Copenhagen is a beautiful city with lots to do and so much more to still explore.


  • Berlin, Germany

Going back to my old home is always a pleasure. The city itself doesn’t change that much, but the people there definitely do. Let’s not forget about the wonderful and everchanging restaurant scene there as well.


  • New York, US
  • San Diego, US
  • Los Angeles, US
  • San Francisco, US
  • Carmel, US
  • Monterrey, US
  • Princeton, US

USA – the pants of Canada! Thanks to a friend’s wedding I ended up going to the States for three weeks – two for pleasure and one for work. The last week of work was not planned, but I guess my project manager made it clear that I would end up having to join for a workshop when he told me to bring my laptop with me. Though I’ve been to the States many times before, it’s still always a bit surreal for me to be there. It’s just so different compared to Canada.


  • Basel, Switerland
  • Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Ave bought a new bike last year and he has wanted to go to Switzerland for a while to go biking. Luckily, a friend of mine lives on the border of Germany and Switzerland so we rented a car and headed off. I do enjoy Switzerland a lot, but unfortunately my wallet does not. Nonetheless, there’s always so much to do with a good city and nature mix.


  • Stockholm, Sweden

I used to come to Stockholm at least once a year. I just can’t get enough of Stockholm! Though none of the Danes or Finns like to admit it – I do feel like Stockholm is the capital of Scandinavia. The city has so much to offer – the old city, the beautiful people in the most fashion-forward attires, the innovative restaurants, and so much more.


  • Lappeenranta, Finland
  • Hämmeelinna, Finland

Finland is home. After all, Ave is Finnish and I have also lived there for almost two years. Summers in Finland are short, but the people really do take advantage of the warmer and never-ending days. It’s also a nature lovers paradise with pristine lakes and lush forests everywhere you go.

Mid June to end of July

  • New York, US
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Princeton, US
  • Scranton, US
  • Georgina, Canada

I was lucky enough to be able do 7-weeks of home office in Canada because of the project I was on. Ave decided to join me and enjoy 7-weeks in North America as well travelling with me to the States twice and staying with my parents in Canada. Did I do much travelling? No. Still, at this time and age, such opportunities are rare where one gets to live with their parents for almost 2 months 🙂


  • Salzburg, Austria

Another good friend was getting married in her hometown of Salzburg and I decided we definitely had to go. I think I have too much fun at weddings (I blame the open bars) and it’s always a pleasure to witness so much love.


I usually go back to China once every 18 months to see my relatives there. China will always be my motherland. I know that most people either hate or love travelling in China as well. I’m one of those that love travelling in China and I’m glad I speak the language, which makes travelling around there so much easier.


  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Edam, Netherlands
  • Hague, Netherlands

My Ozzie friend was going to Amsterdam and asked me if I wanted to join her. I haven’t seen this friend for almost a year since she left Europe therefore I promised almost immediately that I would join her. So I ended up home office-ing in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is also one of my favourite places to go no matter time of the year. If I could, I would move there in a heartbeat. The Netherlands in general is a place where I’d love to live in.

End of September

  • Bangalore, India
  • Hampi, India
  • Madurai, India
  • Chennai, India

Basically the reason that finally pushed me towards starting this blog. My trip to India really was inspiring and I’m already ready to go back and see more of the country. The country is truly an orgy of experiences. I can’t but fall in love.


  • Lappeenranta, Finland
  • Helsinki, Finland

I really feel like we haven’t been back to Finland enough. Hence I made Antti choose a time for when he would like to go back to visit family and friends. I also haven’t seen my Master’s program friends for almost a year and that I desperately need to correct.

End of December

  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam
  • Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Saigon, Vietnam
  • Seam Reap, Cambodia
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Penang, Malaysia
  • KL, Malaysia

What an amazing way to end this travel year and start the near year. I can’t wait to go on this trip and share my experiences.

Really hoping that 2018 will be as good or even better than 2017. There are so many places to further explore on this world and my mind is already thinking of where to go next. Wishing everyone a wonderful, safe, and healthy travel year ahead!

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