15 Photos to convince you to go visit Sri Meenakshi

Or at least to get a better camera phone.

I really wasn’t sure where to go when I planned my trip to India but as soon as I laid eyes on Sri Meenakshi Temple, I knew that I needed to make a stop in Madurai to see this temple. My mom also came here in 2015 (in Chinese), but she never mentioned anything about it when I was planning my trip. I only found out afterwards that she came to Madurai after she blogged about it.

Am I glad that I came to Madurai to visit this temple! I was simply amazed and took my sweet time walking around this giant temple complex. There were just so many things to observe and so many wonderful things to photograph…

…but, all pictures that you see are taken with my iPhone 5S (I really need to upgrade). This is because you cannot bring normal cameras into the temple complex. They do allow camera phones though since I’m guessing that they couldn’t control all the visitors who wanted to take pictures (~S3lFi3Z 4 LyF3~). Another surprise – if you’re familiar with India, you know that most places charge you extra for “Photo Taking Permissions” – they didn’t here! The ticket price was only 50 INR for foreigners. Win! This was different from when my mom visited, because at that time they didn’t allow any photo taking apparatuses. So my poor mom only took pictures from the outside.

Here are some of the best photos I’ve captured.

Details on the North Tower. My belly is growing in that direction indeed.
The main event hall with its beautifully painted ceiling.
East Tower – just look at the details of the towers. My poor camera phone just didn’t do it justice.
It’s as if the statue said, “Hello, you like what you see?” I do I do I do.
I couldn’t stop staring at all the details and each time there would be some new to see! (Shitty camera phone zoom)
Making sure the temple is well kept.
The holy cow meeting up with his friend, the holy elephant.
Light & light & light. Magical.
You could purchase these little candles to light up for the goddess Meenakshi.
The golden gilded Kodi Kambam.
From another view.
These dragonflies made the experience so much more magical.
Beautifully detailed Rangoli in the temple. And my not so nice feet.
View of the South Tower with a handsome statue guarding the temple.
Golden Lotus Tank. I must’ve sat here for a good 1 hr contemplating what I’m doing with me life.

Last thoughts

Madurai and Sri Meenakshi are definitely worth the visit. It’s a “small” city out of the way of other attractions, hence I didn’t see any other tourists around (or in Madurai for that matter). Yet this was one of my favourite places that I’ve visited in my short India trip. I could have easily spent more time there just wandering around (but I needed to use the bathroom and didn’t know where they were within the temple complex). I would have wanted to stay longer walking peacefully from one area to the other. Exploring the temple at a nice leisurely pace and witnessing how the pilgrims showered the Goddess Meenakshi with their devotion.

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  1. jinmin zhou
    November 23, 2017

    Very impressive pictures.


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